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          Ship Unloaders
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          Business Scope
          1. General Contractor(EPC): general contracting project of cement, slag, fly ash, grain, chemical raw materials, coal and other bulk material loading and unloading, storage and transportation system planning & designing, equipment supply, construction installation engineering.
          2. Ship Unloader: Screw Ship unloader , Chain-Bucket Ship unloader
          3. Ship Loader: The air chute ship loader, Belt ship loader ,sack ship loader
          4. Delivery System: Belt conveyor, screw conveyor, air chute conveyor, hoist, pneumatic conveying
          5. Storage Vault: Welded steel plate, Galvanized coil base base
          6. Packaging and delivery system: Bulk loading & shipment  system , Bag loading & shipment  system
          7. Equipment and engineering automation control.
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